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Nicholas Snively

Mortgage Broker

A highly motivated and professional mortgage broker, I thrive in making peoples’ home ownership dreams a reality and I am committed to negotiate for my clients the best possible mortgage product customized to suit their needs. My specialties include but are not limited to residential purchase transactions, refinance debt consolidation, and assisting real estate agents facilitate growth in their business.
I have experience as loan officer as well as underwriting and processing since venturing into the mortgage industry in 2005, so rest assured I know how to get your loan to the closing table in as stress free of a process as possible.

I hope you’ll browse my website, check out the different loan programs I have available, use my decision-making tools and calculators, and use our secure online application to get started.   I look forward to assisting you in your process please do not hesitate to ask any question at all via phone, email, or text message

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I Want My FREE Mortgage Rate Quote!